Summer Blog

See You Next Time

We had an incredible summer with you all. Thank you so much for bringing your passion. Remember 2020 will soon be here! So will next summer! And while it may be too early to know where the wind may blow you, remember you've got a home and a community here in the...

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July 13-19 the Adventures Continue

We had an awesome second week! We welcomed a large and enthusiastic group of Forest Explorers and our small band of Wilderness Questers finished out their amazing two week journey!  

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July 7-12 The Journey Begins!

We had an awesome first session at Arnot Forest Camps! This week was so full of all the best things! We started and tended multiple fires in many ways, worked on knife safety and carving, explored and waded in the creek, told riddles, did tick checks and ate many delicious meals!

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