About <strong><em>Us</strong></em>

For 20 years, Primitive Pursuits has provided outdoor skills immersions for thousands of youth, in small groups and throughout the seasons.

Arnot <strong>Forest Camp</strong>

is located at Cornell University’s Arnot Forest natural area, with a historic lodge and cabins and over 4,200 acres of wilderness to explore.

Our Reputation and <strong>Culture</strong>

Our outstanding reputation is built on the quality of our instruction and the passion we have for learning, as we facilitate discovery and empowerment for others. What really makes us unique among adventure experiences is this supportive learning community where youth find role models, friendships and the freedom they crave. With encouragement from peers and mentors alike, they gain a life-long access to the natural world, with skills that serve them wherever they go and a sense of confidence and resilience that parents will appreciate.

The <strong>Evidence</strong>

We’ve seen time and again what a powerful teacher nature can be! There is no place more giving, patient and challenging to foster a young person’s growth and sense of belonging.

Our Community

Our team of talented wilderness instructors works behind the scenes and all over the country to give you the best experience possible. Our programs are brought to life by an eclectic mix of educators, community partners, students, and supporters.

Our Mission

It is our mission to steward the health of our community by fostering life-long relationships with the natural world through exceptional mentoring and nature education.